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The Workaholics Anonymous Book of Discovery is just what its subtitle implies: "A Guide to 12 Step Writing and Reflection." This guide provides Step instruction, questions, activities, and stories-all with room to write and reflect as necessary. Because the book includes both resource content about each Step, as well as questions and activities for W.A. members to answer, it can be used not only by individuals, but also by groups as a reading/topic source and as an interactive writing exercise. Members can choose to set aside time during meetings to write and subsequently share what they have written or to simply share with the group results of the writing they have completed on their own between meetings. Our hope is that, by providing this place for Step focus and for personal writing, recovering addicts are sparked to take a new look at the Steps and how they can be navigated to healthy and lighter living. First availability was be at the 2009 W.A. Conference and on our website starting October 2009. The book contains questions with space to write answers, thought provoking stories from members of our fellowship, selected readings from W.A. and A.A. literature and non-verbal activities offering alternatives to our tendency to be hyper-rational. This book gives guidance through the 12 Steps which can be used over and over.